Doris Leuthard, Federal Councilor - “140 Years Siegfried – a proud result. It is the outcome of a wise corporate policy, successful investment decisions and committed employees. Siegfried is part of a key industry that is essential for Switzerland’s successful economic development as for in-novation and value creation. 140 years of corporate history represent ...” read more
Max Chopard-Acklin, Member of Parliament & Secretary of Unia trade union - “The Siegfried organization looks back on an eventful past and forward to a promising future. The company, which grew up in Zofingen, provides evidence that Switzerland is an attractive industri-al location with impressive intellectual and economic potential. As a social part-ner and personally, I wish the company all the best for the future.”
Bernard A. Siegfried - With the same name as the company founder, he is an Honorary Chairman and – through his family – witness to the 140-year history of the company. One more time, Bernard A. Siegfried looks back to the past. Unvarnished, passionate, with ... read more
Logo Evolution - Since its beginnings, Siegfried has attached great importance to its public appearance and a recognizable corporate design. The first visual element to include a Siegfried logo was created in 1879. The company chronicle shows that the Siegfried brand name was used ... read more

140 years Siegfried

Innovative and entrepreneurial

The company began operations in a pharmacy in close vicinity to the Zofingen rail station and it has grown into an organization with production sites located on three continents. Throughout the entire period of its existence, Siegfried has been characterized by entrepreneurial thinking and action, by innovative ideas and, especially, by the highest demands made on quality and reliability. While the ...  » read more

Siegfried 140 Years

Anniversary Wishes

Siegfried is a major employer in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland’s Mittelland region. We asked local and national politicians and representatives of business to reflect on Siegfried’s significance with regard to their circle of influence, how they would characterize ...  » read more


The foundation of Siegfried’s corporate history was laid 1873 by the pharmacist Samuel Benoni Siegfried. The company grew into a global organization within a period of about 140 years, providing innovative employment opportunities to over 850 employees worldwide ...  » read more

Local Antipruriginosum Calmitol

The first Siegfried products were drug extracts, tinctures, syrups, bandages, ointments, wine-based distillates, powder and tea mixtures, and numerous salts used in the pharmaceutical and technical industries. After 1923, the Swiss market ... » read more