Anniversary Wishes

Siegfried is a major employer in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland’s Mittelland region. We asked local and national politicians and representatives of business to reflect on Siegfried’s significance with regard to their circle of influence, how they would characterize our company, and what they wish Siegfried for its birthday.

“The Siegfried organization looks back on an eventful past and forward to a promising future. The company, which grew up in Zofingen, provides evidence that Switzerland is an attractive industrial location with impressive intellectual and economic potential. As a social partner and personally, I wish the company all the best for the future.”

Max Chopard-Acklin, Member of Parliament & Secretary of Unia trade union

“140 Years Siegfried – a proud result. It is the outcome of a wise corporate policy, successful investment decisions and com-mitted employees. Siegfried is part of a key industry that is essential for Switzerland’s successful economic development as for innovation and value creation. 140 years of corporate history represent an obligation to pass on the light of new recognitions and employees’ fervour to future generations. When, in building on this recognition, we are ready to follow new paths with courage and the readiness to assume risk then we as a nation, as a society, and Siegfried as a company, may look forward to a flourishing future. Congratulations on 140 successful years.”

Doris Leuthard, Federal Councilor

“Siegfried as a company and its exponents have for many years been committed to the welfare of the economy on the local, regional and cantonal levels. As an employer, Siegfried is reliable and trustworthy. We are proud to know Siegfried as an active member of the Aargau Chamber of Commerce and Trade since 1881.”

Daniel Knecht, Chairman, Aargau Chamber of Commerce and Trade

“Siegfried has produced chemical-pharmaceutical preparations for 140 years and today provides some 800 qualified workplaces. The Government Council of Canton Aargau would like to congratulate Siegfried on its long-standing and successful operation and express its gratitude for the confidence shown in Canton Aargau. The positive development experienced by the company over the past years un-derlines the significance of the canton as an innovative industrial and hightech location and as an attractive economic region.”

Alex Hürzeler, Landammann

“Siegfried is as much a part of Zofingen as is Niklaus Thut. Although at an age of 140 years not quite as old as the Zofingen local hero, the company has left a decisive mark on the town’s history. I would like to congratulate Siegfried on its 140-year anniversary and look forward to many years of continued and good cooperation which will benefit Zofingen as an economic location.”

Hans-Ruedi Hottiger, Zofingen Mayor

“Siegfried is a shining example of a Swiss company in the chemical-phar-maceutical industry that shows suc-cess based on continuous innovation. Thanks to its specialized knowledge and skills developed over many deca-des, Siegfried provides its customers with real added value. As one of our charter members we have valued Sieg-fried since 1882, and on its 140-year anniversary we would like to wish the company continued success on its path ahead.”

Christoph Mäder, Chairman, Scienceindustries