A 140-year overview - Milestones

1873 Pharmacist Samuel Benoni Siegfried founds a company with 12 employees to supply pharmacies.
1904 Conversion into a joint stock corporation.
1927 Founding of Ganes Chemical Works, Inc. (NJ, USA).
1973 Listing on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SWX) in Basel.
2001 Establishment of two core divisions: Siegfried and Sidroga.
2002 Integration of Ganes into the Siegfried Group as Siegfried (USA) Inc.
2004 Establishment of a representative office in Shanghai, China.
2005 Acquisition of Penick Corporation in New Jersey, USA.
2006 Cooperation agreement with Celgene.
2007 Launch of a pharmaceutical production facility in Malta.
Ramp up of an inhalation technology team in Munich, Germany. Sale of the Sidroga Division and the biotechnology division. Cooperation agreement with Arena Pharmaceuticals.
2008 Sale of the pharmaceutical production site at Zofingen to Arena Pharmaceuticals.
2010 Definition of new strategy “Transform”. Implementation of a new function-based organisation. New investors and capital increase. Sale of the Munich, Germany subsidiary (Pulmojet project) to Sanofi-Aventis.
2012 Acquisition of Alliance Medical Products (AMP) in Irvine, CA, USA.