Working Towards a Bright Future at Siegfried

Our ability to compete in a global market is based on technology competency, excellent quality management and cost efficiency. Cost efficiency is particularly important to the Siegfried business model which must offer large pharmaceutical clients, with their own internal production capacities, a significant cost advantage. This offer can decisively influence their “make-or-buy” decisions and increase our attractiveness as an outsourcing partner.


For Siegfried, maintaining a balanced product portfolio is key: to acquire and manage a product throughout its whole life cycle – from market launch under patent protection all the way to the cost-sensitive generic phase – or even acquire the product at the start of the generic phase. This is increasingly important when faced with growing competition from Asian suppliers and their extremely low cost structures.

In summary, technology, quality and efficiency are the main spheres of activity of the Siegfried Group strategy. Our goal is to offer our customers competitive prices at a high level of service quality – even for complex products.

Expanding in Asia and North America

The main initiatives in our strategy are taking shape. Siegfried is investing in a new chemical manufacturing plant in a leading industrial park located in Nantong, China, close to the Yangtze River in Jiangsu province.  The Siegfried Nantong facility, with a total reactor capacity of at least 300 m3, will kick off production next year. A further increase in capacity and addition of a pharmaceutical formulation plant is possible.

Siegfried is also planning the construction of a new chemical production facility in Zofingen, giving us access to the most recent and efficient technologies while older systems will be taken out of production. The technical designs of both the Nantong and the Zofingen plant will be as identical as possible. This will help simplify and accelerate product transfers between our Chinese and Swiss site – in terms of technology and regulatory guidelines.  It also makes Siegfried one of the few suppliers that can offer such flexibility within a global manufacturing network.

A further important project was completed when Alliance Medical Products, Inc. (AMP) in California, USA was acquired. AMP gives Siegfried access to the sterile fillings market and also provides the necessary know-how for complex medical application devices, an attractive offer that only few suppliers can match.

Building a strong market position

In addition to investments in the development and production of highly active pharmaceuticals, we’ve also expanded our spray drying capabilities, a key technology to improve bio-availability of pharmaceutical drugs – bridging chemical and pharmaceutical production.

Based on a consistent and determined implementation of our strategy, Siegfried now enjoys an excellent position as an innovative outsourcing partner in a competitive global market. Every day, our people do an exemplary job by applying their know-how and experience, helping to build the foundation for our success. Together we can look to the future with confidence.