The foundation of Siegfried’s corporate history was laid 1873 by the pharmacist Samuel Benoni Siegfried. The company grew into a global organization within a period of about 140 years, providing innovative employment opportunities to over 850 employees worldwide.

Zofingen - Switzerland

As a look at the past 140 years of our history shows, Siegfried has faced many ups and downs in the past. Remarkably, our drive and flexibility when faced with dynamic market situations remains constant. We invest in the future. » read more

Siegfried in America – the Whole Story

Why did Siegfried come to America almost 100 years ago? To avoid the high US import duties and to bring a successful European product – Phenobarbital – to the US market. Rita van Eck, the current Director Human Resources in Pennsville, unfolds our American history. » read more

A Short History of Siegfried Malta

Compared to our 140 years of company tradition, the history of Siegfried Malta history is very young. But even on our island, so far from the Alps and the best chocolate in the world, our team has a remarkably similar spirit.  Here is our story. » read more

Irvine - USA

Siegfried Holding AG announced the acquisition of Alliance Medical products (AMP) in May 2012, expanding our service offer and entering the sterile fillings market.  This report on the beginnings of AMP gives insight into their remarkable culture. » read more