Irvine - USA

Siegfried Holding AG announced the acquisition of Alliance Medical products (AMP) in May 2012, expanding our service offer and entering the sterile fillings market. This report on the beginnings of AMP gives insight into their remarkable culture.


On January 2, 2002, soon after purchasing assets from Bausch and Lomb, Alliance Medical Products opened for business. The 26 founders immediately began transforming the new company from a device manufacturer into a ‘drug formulation & aseptic filling company.’ Our business plan showed that we needed to move into device manufacturing and drug manufacturing with the price elasticity and customer loyalty that promised success.

We first upgraded our manual filling technology to better serve early stage clients.  Our initial fill project was auspicious: completely changing to a Manual Fill 1 in 16 short weeks, including construction and validation of the infrastructure and sterile fillings. We were elated by our success and ready to take on the world. 

Who was I to tell them that we had some luck along the way?

Working to meet deadlines

Our luck held with the Auto Aseptic Fill 1, built in just 24 weeks, including validation of our first Cozzoli automatic filling line, a bargain purchase that we rebuilt. Next was our first filling machine, the Patriot bottle, tip and capping (BTC) system for dropper bottles. This was followed by the Aseptic Fill 3, for a client who needed a cartridge filled for an auto-injector. Unfortunately, the FDA withheld approval, but we adapted it as a flexible fill suite for manual and automatic filling.

Fast forward to 2007 and the addition of an Aseptic Fill 4 for a project for ophthalmic tubes with a viscous format drug. Racing to meet another crazy deadline, we acquired an IMA filler, configured it for one and five gram tubes and built and validated the suite – all in 13 weeks.

Going global

Working to extreme deadlines was becoming a pattern for the team, and we were justifiably proud of our ability to execute projects and meet outlandish demands with heroic efforts. We were averaging 5-6 new products every year! These years of hard work defined AMP as the company we are today.

The next step was to go global: integrate all our construction projects, including a second automatic filling suite to achieve product approval from the European authorities. This project took almost 18 months to complete and validate, and left us with many products awaiting approval. We were completing two pre-approval inspections (PAI) and starting 8-10 projects every year.

Finding the right partner

Our business model had proven right. Revenue was climbing and we began to look for a partner to achieve even more. After a long search, we got lucky in November 2011.

I was immediately impressed at our first meeting with Siegfried.  Further discussions confirmed that the Siegfried culture was very similar to what we had built at AMP. The ensuing due diligence process only reinforced our initial impressions.  Today, I sincerely believe that we could not have found a better business partner – it was worth the wait!

Juan Valdes, CEO AMP