A Short History of Siegfried Malta

Compared to our 140 years of company tradition, the history of Siegfried Malta history is very young. But even on our island, so far from the Alps and the best chocolate in the world, our team has a remarkably similar spirit.  Here is our story.


About 10 years ago, the Malta adventure began as “Project Omega,” a business analysis that pointed out the potential of creating a Siegfried facility in the middle of the Mediterranean Ocean. The building was already there, but first needed to be repurposed from steel manufacturing to something altogether more precise: a state-of-the-art solid dosage form manufacturing site.

Getting started

With the support of the Maltese government, we finished reconstruction, finalized validation of Amlodipine tablets and got our license from the Maltese Medicine Authority over the following two years. By April 2007, we were producing our first commercial batches.

Nazzareno “Rennie” Cachia, the first employee at Siegfried Malta and our current Maintenance Manager remembers the good old days:“It was an amazing time! The Maltese are definitely fast in putting up a building and working with Siegfried was simply outstanding.”

Ups and downs

We started out in generics, a dynamic business. While we were implementing Amlodipine (dry blending technology), Siegfried took the next strategic step: wet granulation technology, including high-shear mixer, fluid-bed dryer/pellet coater and film coater. The validation was finalized only months later.

But even with our focus and rapid implementation, the Clopidogrel project was terminated. We had to move on. With our “never give up” attitude, we tackled the business of high potency products and through a third-party partnership, we successfully installed a high containment production suite by the end of 2008, with validated equipment and processes for two new Class III products.

Innovate and grow

By 2009, Malta featured:

  • Dry technology suite for Amlodipine
  • Wet technology suite, on hold
  • High potency suite, ready to go

What followed was a furious period of product transfers and working with third parties to align with the new Siegfried strategy following the sale of the Zofingen Drug Products facility to Arena. By the end of 2010, we achieved:

  • Felodipine commercial production
  • Renewal of our manufacturing license, including IMP, a new micro lab and capsule technology


A push from Candesartan

But this was no time to sit back and relax; the following year we got the FDA approval, finalized several product launches with our high potent suite and, last but not least, began the Candesartan launch.

We’ve talked a lot about Candesartan in Malta. No one thought in August 2011 that we would produce one billion tabs by February 2013. It was a vision, a challenge to go to our limits – and see if we could go to the next step. And we did it! This was a remarkable achievement and confirmed our team spirit.

We continue our growth (and success) trajectory:

  • 1st employee in August 2006, today we have almost 115
  • Two state-of-the-art blister-lines ready for new regulatory challenges
  • New warehouse extension to double our storage capacity
  • Laboratory expansion

As you can see – we’re proud to work at Siegfried, proud to work in Malta.

Vittorio Giromini, General Manager Siegfried Malta Ltd.